Vixen 3

For the last few years, a new version of the popular Vixen software has been in development. It’s a rewrite from the ground up, to support many advanced features of lighting displays being created these days. For example, the new version¬†naively¬†supports full color elements, advanced lighting effects (eg. creating a spin or a chase at the click of a button), and an extendable system to support displays with many thousands of channels.

The latest version is still in development. If you are looking for Vixen 2.x information, please see the information on the rest of this page. If you are interested in the latest version — testing it out, and offering feedback on its development — please visit the Vixen 3 forums on DIYC to find out more information.

Vixen 3 Downloads

Vixen 2

Vixen 2 is used by hundreds if not thousands of people to sequence their light displays. It has not been updated in some time, but is still very much loved by a devoted user base.

Vixen 2 Downloads

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