Vixen 3 Downloads

Current Release:

If you are upgrading from a previous versions to 3.2u2, you can just install over the old versions.  You do not need to do anything to your profile folders in the My Documents folder. Existing sequences/setups will be migrated to work with the latest version.

Click here for System Requirements

NOTICE: Vixen 3.2.x has been experiencing performance problems with .NET Framework 4.6.  Microsoft has released patches on September 30, 2015 that seems to correct this problem.  Please make sure your .NET 4.6 Framework is up to date. 

Vixen 3.3 (32 Bit)
Vixen 3.3 (32 Bit)
Version: 3.3
24.0 MiB
Vixen 3.3 (64 Bit)
Vixen 3.3 (64 Bit)
Version: 3.3
24.7 MiB

Vixen 3 Logo Files

If you’re looking to show your pride as a Vixen 3 user, you might want to include our official logo image in your forum signature, here’s a few graphics files you might use to get started:

Logo with Name over Gray Background:


Logo with Name over White Background:


Logo Only with Transparent Background (64×64):



Bleeding Edge Developer Versions:

To get the most recent version of Vixen 3 with all the latest features, download the latest version at the link below. WARNING: Only download this if you keep backups and don’t mind using pre-release software that may be unstable.

Previous Releases:

Vixen 3.7 MiB
Vixen 4.0 MiB
Vixen-3.0.4 3.6 MiB
Vixen 3.0.5 9.0 MiB
Vixen 3.0.6 3.4 MiB
Vixen 3.0.7 12.9 MiB
Vixen 3.0.8 13.4 MiB
Vixen 3.0.9 (32-bit) 14.3 MiB
Vixen 3.0.9 (64-bit) 14.3 MiB
Vixen 3.0.10 (32-bit) 15.1 MiB
Vixen 3.0.10 (64-bit) 15.1 MiB
Vixen 3.1 (32-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1 (64-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u1 (32-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u1 (64-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u2 (32-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u2 (64-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.2 (32-bit) 23.0 MiB
Vixen 3.2 (64-bit) 23.7 MiB
Vixen 3.2u1 (32-bit) 23.2 MiB
Vixen 3.2u1 (64-bit) 23.9 MiB
Vixen 3.2u2 (64-bit) 23.9 MiB
Vixen 3.2u2 (32-bit) 23.2 MiB