Current Release

If you are upgrading from a previous versions to 3.3u2 or later, you can just install over the old versions.  You do not need to do anything to your profile folders in the My Documents folder. Existing sequences/setups will be migrated to work with the latest version.
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Most people will want the 64 bit release linked below. This is recommended for all modern computers that can support 64 bit applications.

Vixen 3.9u4 64 Bit Release

If for some reason you may still have older 32 bit computers that you want to run Vixen on, we have provided a 32 bit build, but that will likely be phased out in 2023.

Vixen 3.9u4 32 Bit Release

Vixen 3 Logo Files

If you’re looking to show your pride as a Vixen 3 user, you might want to include our official logo image in your forum signature, here’s a few graphics files you might use to get started:

Logo with Name over Gray Background:


Logo with Name over White Background:


Logo Only with Transparent Background (64×64):


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