Vixen 3 Downloads

Current Release:

If you are upgrading from a previous version please ensure you uninstall the old version prior to installing the latest release. You should ensure that the target folder you are installing Vixen to is a clean folder and no remnants of the old application code remain. You do not need to do anything to your profile folders in the My Documents folder. Existing sequences/setups will work with the latest version.

NOTICE: Vixen 3.2 (including update 1) is experiencing performance problems on Windows 10 with .NET Framework 4.6.  For the time being we are recommending against using Vixen 3 on Windows 10 until we can get this problem resolved. 

Vixen 3.2u1 (32-bit)
Vixen 3.2u1 (32-bit)
Version: 3.2u1
23.2 MiB
Vixen 3.2u1 (64-bit)
Vixen 3.2u1 (64-bit)
Version: 3.2u1
23.9 MiB

Vixen 3 Logo Files

If you’re looking to show your pride as a Vixen 3 user, you might want to include our official logo image in your forum signature, here’s a few graphics files you might use to get started:

Logo with Name over Gray Background:


Logo with Name over White Background:


Logo Only with Transparent Background (64×64):



Bleeding Edge Developer Versions:

To get the most recent version of Vixen 3 with all the latest features, download the latest version at the link below. WARNING: Only download this if you keep backups and don’t mind using pre-release software that may be unstable.

Previous Releases:

Vixen 3.7 MiB
Vixen 4.0 MiB
Vixen-3.0.4 3.6 MiB
Vixen 3.0.5 9.0 MiB
Vixen 3.0.6 3.4 MiB
Vixen 3.0.7 12.9 MiB
Vixen 3.0.8 13.4 MiB
Vixen 3.0.9 (32-bit) 14.3 MiB
Vixen 3.0.9 (64-bit) 14.3 MiB
Vixen 3.0.10 (32-bit) 15.1 MiB
Vixen 3.0.10 (64-bit) 15.1 MiB
Vixen 3.1 (32-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1 (64-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u1 (32-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u1 (64-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u2 (32-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.1u2 (64-bit) 16.0 MiB
Vixen 3.2 (32-bit) 23.0 MiB
Vixen 3.2 (64-bit) 23.7 MiB