Data ProfileWhat, you setup lights for more than one one holiday? What’s wrong with you? Nothing, you say… I bet it is a bad case of CLAP. I hope so anyway, because I seem to have that problem and just can’t stop.

If the above describes you, then you’ll probably be interested in a new and much requested feature completed (but not fully tested) yesterday that allows you to have multiple profiles.

What’s a profile? The easiest way to describe it is that a profile is a pointer to a data folder. As you may already know, your Vixen 3 information is stored in your My Documents\Vixen 3 folder. Right now, all your information is stored there: system settings, controllers, preview configuration, patching, sequences, everything. So, what’s wrong with this? Nothing, if it is working for you?

But, if you’ve got a display for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Chanukah, Labor Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July and your birthday, you may have noticed that this can be a major pain. Each of these holidays has different elements, props, patching and possibly controllers.┬áThere are almost no commonalities between each of these displays except possibly the controllers. Patching lets you setup a completely different data folder for each of these holidays that is managed within the Vixen 3 program.

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