Vixen 3.3 Highlights (2016)

Vixen 3.3 is another big step forward bringing many new features and improvements.


Improved performance

3.3 brings a significant improvement in capacity and performance of the entire app. Many hours were spent tuning the core engine to optimize performance. The preview and display setup areas also received some needed improvements to make them more efficient.


Layering ability has been added to further enhance the creative abilities. Now you can control the way overlapping effects combine. Want to wipe a Butterfly effect or chase a twinkle? These and much more are now possible.

New effects

We have completed the migration of the consolidated Nutcracker effect out to individual effects. All of these new effects have been upgraded with new features and Vixen capabilities to give them a much better feature set than before.

Vixen now has audio based effects. After much demand we were finally able to bring in 3 effects that use the audio in the sequence to produce effects based on the beat.

Location based effects

4 more effects have been location enabled. Bars, Butterfly, Colorwash, and Plasma have the option to render as strings or use locations to determine how to produce the effect. This allows you to place them over many pixel props and have the effect render as it would a large matrix. We plan to add more in the future.

Improved High DPI support

We have spent some time and improved the support for newer high DPI monitors. Vixen had scaling issues on many of these monitors and laptops. 3.3 should play much better in these environments. We also fixed up some of the leftover issues from the new dark theme that was added last year.


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