Vixen 3.6 / 3.6u1 Highlights (2019)


The preview has had several bug fixes and performance improvements along with some major new features.

  • Display Setup style editing of the Element tree. Add, rename, reorganize the element tree directly in the Preview.
  • Smart objects linked to wizard functions to create Prop elements in one flow.
  • Wizards to automate setup of Dimming Curves and Color Handling for new props created.
  • Preview setup form uses less CPU due to multiple performance improvements.
  • Automatically configure standard Face Mapping from Custom Props that have mapping defined upon creation.

Custom Prop Editor

  • Vendor browser to view participating vendors inventory.
  • Import vendor provided xModels and convert to Vixen Prop models.
  • Support Face Mapping configuration on Prop Models.
  • Various bug fixes.

Display Setup

  • Significant performance improvements while editing the Element Tree.
  • Prop Elements created with the standard type wizards use the same workflow as Preview by guiding through the Dimming Curve and Color Handling setup.
  • Universe setup in Sacn/e1.31 controller warns if output count and universes count are mismatched.

Sequence Editor

  • Customizable toolbars to allow the user to better configure the editor to their needs.
  • Toolbar options for the Curve, Gradient, and Color libraries.
  • Option for Effect toolbar.
  • Copy / Paste for Mark bar marks.
  • Option to highlight elements that have effects on them or their children.
  • Performance improvement loading the editor, especially the 2nd or more instances.
  • Lasso / Shift select now works when elements are exposed in multiple groups.
  • Opening a foreign sequence or one with unmapped elements will prompt to map to current elements.


  • New Liquid effect.
  • Fix numerous functional bugs in the Bars effect when using locations.
  • Add targeting options for the Chase and Spin to better tailor how they are applied to elements.
  • Wipe enhancements for new directions.
  • Countdown effect has a spring film leader option.
  • Text effect character explode and fall directions.
  • Render speed improvements across many effects.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Sequence Sharing

  • Added support for native V3 sequence import / export for sharing.
  • Opening a foreign sequence or one with unmapped elements will prompt to map to current elements.


  • Reduce the amount of gap between sequences. Very close to seamless now.
  • Fix issues with detecting sequences have changed while playing and updating to the new version.

Core Framework

  • Significant performance improvements when controllers are running and playing sequences.
  • Core processing improvements to further extend capacity for larger shows.

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