Web API 3.1u1 and earlier

Vixen implements a Restful Web API. The API allows you to start a sequence, stop a running sequence and get the status of the currently running sequence. These sequences run in the context of the web API which means 1) you can only run one sequence at once, 2) if you have a sequence running, you cannot start another, 3) stopping will stop the currently running sequence that was started by the API, it will not stop other sequences running in Vixen and 4) the status will return the status for the web context only, not the status of other sequences running in Vixen.

You can send commands and receive responses from the Vixen web server using the commands below:


Retrieves a list of sequence files in the Vixen 3\Sequence folder. If you are using profiles, the folder returned will be the Sequence folder in the profile folder.

Example Request:

Example Response:
[{“Name”:”Basic Patterns 1″,”FileName”:”Basic Patterns 1.tim”},{“Name”:”Border Pixel Test”,”FileName”:”Border Pixel Test.tim”}]


Plays the sequence passed.

Example Request:

Example Response:
{“Message”:”Playing sequence Christmas Rock Melody of length 00:03:08.2380000″}

Notes: If a sequence is currently playing, you will receive an “Already playing” error. You must wait until this sequence is done playing or stop the currently running sequences before starting a new one.


returns the currently running sequence.

Example Request:

Example Response 1:
{“Message”:”Christmas Rock Melody sequence is playing at position 00:02:21.0287210″}

Example Response 2:
{“Message”:”Nothing playing.”}


Stops the currently running sequence that was started within the web API.

Example Request:

Example Response:
{“Message”:”Stopping Christmas Rock Melody”}


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