Location Offset

When using location based effects, the locations of your props on the preview screen provides the spatial location information used by the effects. This allows for a wipe across several props in a group, or whole house wipes or many other effects. But there are times when your whole display doesn’t fit into one preview. Or it isn’t convenient to work on when it’s all in a single preview. You may want to have multiple preview to show different sections of your display, but you still want to apply a wipe effect across all of them. One example is if you are sequencing for multiple houses. Each house would have its own preview. Another example is if you have a front yard and side yard display. You may want each view on a separate preview.
The Location Offset function allows you to specify the relationship of a preview instance with respect to others. It lets you offset the coordinates of all the props on the preview by a given amount. For the side by side multiple houses, or side yard, front yard examples, You would look at the leftmost preview, and determine it’s dimensions. In the Edit menu, click on Background Properties. Make note of the existing image size dimensions. Then close this preview configuration screen and open the configuration screen for the next preview. In the Settings menu, select “Location Offset Setup”. If you want this second preview to appear to the right of the previous one, enter the width of the previous preview into the horizontal box. For example, if you have two previews that are 1920×1080 in size. You would enter 1920 into the Horizontal offset in the second preview.

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