As of Vixen 3.5 The Custom Templates have been deprecated in favor of the new Custom Props.

Custom Prop Editor



TemplateCombo The currently selected template.

TemplateAd Add a new template using the currently selected items in the preview.

TemplateDelete Delete the currently selected template from the list.

TemplateHelp Displays this help.

TemplateInsert Add the currently selected item in the template list to the preview.

Creating a Template

Templates are multiple shapes — either simple shapes or smart objects that are grouped together and used as a single item. Let’s take a simple example of something that a lot of people do with stars. Some people like to make a star with two or three progressively smaller stars inside. You can, with templates, create this prop once and then use it multiple times on your display. You can also hand the template file out to your friends and they can use your template in your display.

Steps to Create a Template:

  1. Draw the items you would like on the preview screen and arrange them where you like. 
  2. Name all the items in the item properties, there is a “String Name” property for this purpose. This helps you find the various strings in your template once it is created.
  3. Left-Click, hold and drag to the right and down. The items you select will turn green. Make sure you have selected all the items to include in the template you are making.
  4. Click the TemplateAd button on the toolbar to make a new template.
  5. Give it a name and press OK.

Using a Template

Select the template you want to insert in the combo-box TemplateCombo and click the TemplateInsert button to add it to the top, left hand corner of the preview window.

Editing a Template

Once you’ve added the template to the screen, you can change it’s size, adjust it’s properties and move it anywhere you’d like on the preview screen.

Change the Size

  1. Click on the prop to select it.
  2. Hover over the bottom right corner drag point and left-click and hold the mouse button.
  3. Drag the mouse to resize the template.
  4. Release when it is the size you would like.

Changing the Properties

Each basic shape or smart object in the template has all of the same properties as the base type. To edit the properties, select the string to edit in the combo-box. The same property sheet used to edit the standard string will be displayed.

Most importantly, in this screen, you need to link the elements.

In 3.4u1 auto linking of certain templates has been added. Some of the dev builds post 3.4u1 and eventually in 3.4u2 make improvements on that. See the section on auto linking templates.

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