Effects are what actually makes your elements do something.  You can ramp the lights up using a pulse effect.  You can twinkle your lights with the twinkle effect.  To get started with effects, simply click and drag an effect from the toolbar, or effect pane to where you want it on the timeline.

Effects can be applied to a single element or a group of elements.  This is where the real power of Vixen 3 comes into play. If you want a whole group of mini-trees too fade up, you simply drop the pulse effect onto your “Mini-Trees” group and adjust the effect parameters.

The parameters of an effect can be adjusted by using the controls in the Effect Editor docking pane.

You may click and drag to move effects around the timeline.  You can also grab the ends of the effect and stretch it to fit your desired time.

If you move an effect from one group to another, it will adjust itself to work properly with the new group, regardless if the groups have different numbers of elements in them.

Click on each section below to get specific help on each effect.

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