Editing Multiple Effects

See the Effect Editor section for editing multiple effects in 3.2 and later.

Editing Multiple Effects (pre 3.2)

The way that you edit multiple effects has changed from the last release, this information is current as of the Release of Vixen 3.1

Note: This does not apply to Nutcracker effects. When editing Nutcracker effects, all selected effects will be updated to match the parameters set in the Editor Dialog.

When editing multiple effects, only the changed values will be updated across the selected effects.

To edit multiple effects, first select any number of effects that you wish to edit, right click to access the context menu, then choose Edit Effect(s).


You have two Set Level effects, the first is a Blue color, with an Intensity of 50%, the second is a Green color, with an Intensity of 75%.

When you select these two effects, and choose Edit Effects from the context menu, Only the value changed will be applied to the effects.

In this case, if you change the Color to Red, both effects will be changed to Red, but will keep their previous Intensity levels.

If you were to change the Intensity Level to 100%, the first effect will remain Blue and the second will remain Green, however both effects Intensity Levels will be updated to 100%.

This works for all type of effects, with the exception of Nutcracker effects, and applies to all parameters.

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