Prism effect selects a prism to be placed in the light beam.  Depending on the capabilities of the fixture it also allows for controlling the rotation speed of the prism. There is no support for the Prism effect in the preview at this time, although the preview legend can be used to verify the function is active.



Function – The function on the intelligent fixture that controls the prism. If the fixture supports more than one prism this is where you pick the desired prism.

Setting – Selects the position (angle) of the prism or an option to rotate the prism.

Rotation Speed – Selects the rotation speed of the prism.



Some fixtures have a separate function for engaging or disengaging the prism.   This effect will automatically engage the prism if this applicable.   To enable this automation the fixture must have an index function with the tag ‘Open Close Prism’.


For an intelligent fixture to support the Prism effect it must have a Prism Index Function with the Prism tag.


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