Spin Color Wheel

Spin Color Wheel effect spins the color wheel.  The effect configures the rotation speed and intensity of the light beam.  The display preview will show a beam changing colors but does not attempt to reflect the rotation speed as that is hardware dependent.



Function – The function on the intelligent fixture that controls the color wheel.  If the fixture supports more than one color wheel this is where you pick the wheel.

Setting – Index setting on the color wheel to pick the direction and rate of speed.

Rotation Speed – Curve configures the rotation speed over the duration of the effect.  How this curve is interpreted by the fixture is determined by the selected Setting.

Intensity – Intensity of the light beam.



For an intelligent fixture to support the Spin Color Wheel effect it must have the following:

  1. Color Wheel function with ‘Spin Color Wheel’ tag.
  2. One or more Color Wheel index items with the Use Curve option selected.

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