Pixel Lighting Effects

The Pixel Lighting Effects are primarily intended to be applied to a prop that is set up like a grid.  This includes grid matrices as well as more creative grid based props like pixel megatrees or even wreaths and other non-square grids.  These effects aren’t limited to grid applications however.  They can be applied to any group, but the results will vary depending on the makeup of the group, and it’s orientation, and the effect itself.

Most of the Pixel Effects have a string setup section.  This section is where you determine how to apply the effect to your group.

Positioning: Location Based Pixel Effects have a positioning setting.  This allows you to choose whether you want to apply the effect based on the string/pixel order, or by the location in your display.

Orientation: This setting is only available when Positioning is set to “Strings”.  This tells the effect whether your strings are oriented horizontally or vertically.  Most matrices have their strings oriented horizontally, while most megatrees are oriented vertically.

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