Location: This determines if the effect renders based on the element orders as a string representation, or using the locations of the lights as presented by the preview. Locations is often referred to as whole house, but it can be any form of multiple props. Generally you want Strings when applying to one prop and locations if the target is multiple props.

Direction: sets the direction of bar movement.

  • Up – The bars move in a upward direction.
  • Down – The bars move in a downward direction.
  • Left – The bars move from right to left.
  • Right – The bars move from left to right.
  • Compress – The bars move in a motion that looks like they are compressing in the middle.
  • Expands – The bars move outward from the center.
  • Horizontal Compress / Expand – This is the same as Compress / Expand only in the opposite plane.
  • Alternate Up/Down/Left/Right – The bars move in the specified directions in an alternating fashion.

Iterations: The number of times the pattern repeats over the duration of the effect.

Highlight: Creates a white highlighted leading edge on each bar. This may not be highly visible in some cases using locations.

3D: Makes each color appear as a gradient fading to black. This is a legacy function, consider using gradients instead.

Color: This is where you set the colors of the bars.  The number and order of the colors here will be how they are applied in the effect.  The list supports gradients of solid, or varying colors.

Intensity: This is an overall brightness intensity curve over the duration of the effect.  Note: this is a legacy option, consider using intensity overlay layers instead.