Simulates fireworks bursting in the sky. You can select to use random Fireworks, Fireworks to the Audio track or Fireworks to Marks in a Mark collection.

Explosions: The number of burstsĀ over the duration of the effect.

Random Velocity: Allows you to specify either a fixed velocity (speed) of the bursts when not checked, or when checked, a random velocity for each burst within a range from min to max.

Random Particles: controls the number of particles in each burst. If checked, allows you specify a maximum and minimum to define a range for particle count for each burst. If not checked, allows you to specify a fixed number of particles for all bursts.

Colors: Allows you to define one or more colors or gradients for the bursts. By defining multiple colors, you can allow for independent bursts of different colors. If you use gradients rather than solid colors, you can have individual bursts that change from one color to another.

Intensity: Controls the overall brightness envelope over the duration of the effect.

Using Fireworks with Marks. New in Vixen 3.5

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