An effect that simulates filling the grid by wrapping it with garland.  This effect is best suited on megatree type props.

Movement Type: Selects whether the movement is based on iterations or speed.

Direction: Sets the direction of the movement

Iterations: The number of times the pattern repeats over the duration of the effect.  This is only available when movement type is set to “Iterations”\

Speed: The amount of time for one iteration of the effect.  If the speed is set to a point where one iteration is less than the duration of the effect, it will repeat with one or more additional iterations.  This parameter is only available when movement type is set to “Speed”.

Garland Type: Selects between different styles of garland.

Spacing: Adjusts the distance between the strings of garland.

Color: Specify one or more colors/gradients to be applied across the prop.  The colors are applied starting with the last color in the list filling the side where the direction is set and follows through to the first color in the list on the other side of the prop

Intensity: The overall brightness envelope over the duration of the effect.

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