Used to import a picture file to be displayed on a grid type prop. May also be used to apply a texture to an element of any configuration.

Movement: Select between several movement patterns

Iterations: The number of times the pattern repeats over the duration of the effect.

X Offset: Shifts the image horizontally

Y Offset: Shifts the image vertically

File Name: The name of a custom image file to use.

Embedded Pictures: Select from a collection of included pattern images.
*note, you may choose a eithercustom file, or embedded image, but not both.

Scale to Grid: Enable to scale the image to fit your grid.

Color Effect: Select a color effect to apply to the image
 None: Uses the colors as is from the image file
 Custom Color: Uses the color or gradient defined below to override the image file
 Greyscale: removes the color in the image leaving a grayscale image.

Color Gradient: When the Color effect is set to custom color, this is where you select the color/gradient to use.

Intensity: The overall brightness envelope over the duration of the effect.

Increase Brightness: Increases the brightness of the image.

Picture Tiles

A great place to download seamless tiles is: http://www.patterncooler.com/. They have a great system setup that allows you to customize the background to get almost anything you could want.