The Pinwheel effect makes a spiraling effect that resembles a Pinwheel. You can control the number of arms that it has and the colors they will be. There are numerous options that control how the arms behave. This effect can be layered with other effects to produce complex effect combinations.

* Coming with theĀ 3.4 release most of these options are controllable via a curve providing dynamic control of the effect across it’s duration.

Speed: determines how fast the wheel spins.

Arms: controls how many arms the wheel has.

Size: determines how big around the wheel is.

Thickness: determines how thick the arms are.

Twist: determines how much the arms curve.

X and Y offset: options shift the center of the wheel.

Center Hub: determines how big the hub or hole in the center of the wheel is.

Rotation: determines which direction the wheel spins.

Blade type: determines how the blade looks. There are 4 choices from a flat look to 3D looks and a fan blade look.

Colors: can be simple colors or gradients. Each color or gradient has a level to adjust it’s brightness over the duration of the effect. You can have one to many colors. The blades will rotate across the selected colors.

Color Type: determines how the colors are applied to a blade. The gradient can traverse over time, over the length of the blade. There are options for random colors or a rainbow of colors.

Overall Brightness: is a dimming curve across the entire effect.

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