An effect simulating the geometric patterns created by a children’s spirograph geometric drawing toy. This effect creates moving flower type effects. When setting the controls for this effect, it is helpful to understand the actual toy it is based upon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirograph

Speed: The speed at which the pattern is drawn.

Outer Circle Radius: The radius of the inner circle.

Inner Circle Radius: The radius of the outer circle.

Spirographs: I just don’t know **

Distance: A fixed distance between the circles

Color Range: When color type is set to standard, this defines what part of the range of colors is used.

Animate Distance: Uses a variable distance instead of a fixed distance. Creates a sense of growth in the pattern.

Color Type:
  Standard: Uses the defined colors/gradients in order from center outward.
  Rainbow: Draws in completely random colors.
  Random: Uses only the defined colors randomly.

Gradients: One or more colors used to shade the effect.

Intensity: The overall brightness envelope over the duration of the effect.

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