Applies text to a grid. The text can appear in any font. It can be static or moving.

Direction: The direction of the movement.

Y Offset: The vertical offset. This is used to help center text vertically on the grid.

Center Stop: When enabled, causes the text to stop at the center of the grid and then disappear.

Iterations: The number of times the pattern repeats over the duration of the effect.

Text Line(s): One or more lines of text to display.

Font: Specifies the font, style and size to be used. You may use any font installed on the PC. Note that the fonts used must be installed on any PC where you will transfer this sequence.

Center Text: Centers the text.

Text Mode: The orientation of the letters. When normal, the text appears normally. When set to Rotated, the letters are stacked vertically.

Color: One or more colors or gradients to be applied to the text. One color will be applied to each line of text.

Gradient Mode: Specifies how gradients will be applied to the text. There are 8 combinations of direction and how it’s applied. The gradient can be applied across the letters of the text, or across the whole element group. If it’s across the letters, the gradient will stay with the text. If it is across the element, it will appear that the text travels through the colors of the gradient.

Use Base Color: If selected, allows you to select a background color to appear behind the text.

Base Color: The color to use for the background.

Intensity: The overall brightness envelope for the text itself over the duration of the effect.

Base Color Intensity: The overall brightness envelope for the background color over the duration of the effect.

Text Visual Representation: As of Vixen 3.5U1 the Text effect visual representation has changed to show only the first line of users text including color gradient and type.

New in Vixen 3.5

Mark Collection:

Switching the Text effect trigger to Mark Collections or Mark Collection – Labels allows each word in the text string be displayed on each Mark.

A demo on using Mark Collections with the Text effect that is new in Vixen 3.5.

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