This effect simulates wrapping garland around a tree. This effect is best used on megatrees.

Speed: How fast the garlands are drawn around the tree.

Overall Intensity The overall intensity envelope of the entire effect over the duration of the effect.

Tree Color: The color of the tree itself. The background color of the effect.

Intensity The intensity of the tree background over the duration of the effect.

Branch Direction: The direction in which the branches are drawn.

Branches: The number of branches to divide the tree into.

Color type: How colors are applied to the garlands.
  Static: One color/gradient per garland level
  Twinkle: Each pixel in the garland twinkles thru the defined colors
  Alternate Segment: Each swagged segment of garland is colored alternately through the list of defined colors.
  Alternate Pixel: Each pixel is colored by rotating through the list of defined colors.

Color: One or more colors/gradients used to color the garlands around the tree.

Blend: Adjusts the amount of blending or tapering of each branch level.

Blend Direction: Determines the direction of the blend.

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