Allows you to embed a video file to be played on your grid.

Movement Type: Choose between several options to move the video around the grid while it is playing.

Playback Speed: Allows you to speed up or slow down the playback of the video file.

X Offset: Moves the video horizontally

Y Offset: Moves the video vertically

File Name: Select the file to use.

Color Type: Color or Grayscale

Scale to Grid: When enabled, resizes the video to fit the grid.

Intensity: The overall brightness envelope over the duration of the effect.

Advanced Settings
Start Time: The number of seconds into the video file to start from. This helps to save time editing and trimming video files specifically for use with this effect.

Maintain aspect: Keeps the aspect ratio of the video when scaling it to fit. This will keep the proper shape of the video, but may result in blank bars.

Rotate Video: The angle of rotation to apply to the video.

Increase Brightness: Helps to brighten up dark video files.

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