Nutcracker Effects Integration



How do you get Nutcracker Effects into Vixen 3? Well, I was confused too. No one could tell me how to create cool Nutcracker effects and import them into Vixen… Sean Meighan, who wrote all the Nutcracker effects (we’ll call him Mr. Nutcracker) suggested downloading the C++ code written by Matt Brown, the author of xLights (we’ll call him Mr. X). So… I’m not a C++ programmer — and after doing this, never want to be — but we got all of the current effects working inside Vixen 3!

What does this mean for you? Really? It’s that way, is it?

This means that you get easy access to all the Nutcracker effects from within Vixen 3 via drag-and-drop in the sequence editor. The benefits of this are huge. Want an effect to last longer? Just drag the end of the effect in the timeline and it’ll last longer. Want to move it to a different prop? Drag-and-drop baby! Oh, you accidentally put it in the wrong place? You guessed it, drag-and-drop. Want a different effect… nope… double-click. Gotcha.

Check out the video — it explains a lot.