Vixen Team

Jeff Uchitjil (jeffu231)

Location: Southern Illinois (St Louis Area)

Occupation: Lead Software Engineer

Team Responsibilities: Technical Lead, Code Maintainer

Jon Chuchla (jchuchla)

Lemont, Illinois (Chicago area)

Occupation: Audio Visual Systems Design Engineer

Display History: Started in 2010, growing every year.

Team Responsibilities: Documentation, Tech Support, User experience consulting.

Geoff Armstrong (gnarmstr)

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Occupation: Royal Australian Air Force, Communications Electronics Technician

Team Responsibilities: Jack of all trades, master of none. Fix bugs, create and update effects and implement many smaller and less complicated features/enhancements.

Former Contributors.


(Original creator, Retired)

Charlotte, NC

Team Responsibilities: Vixen core (framework), concepts and ideas, Development

Michael (sallz0r)

Brisbane, Australia

Occupation: software engineer

Display History: had a display since 2008

Team Responsibilities: Vixen concepts and ideas, UI, Mostly development, planning/steering

Derek (derekbackus)

Team Responsibilities: Display Preview, website, Scheduler, Marks (in the sequencer), Audacity Marks Import.

I’m a self-taught programmer that has created multiple “shareware” applications in the past… some that were hugely successful and some that were flops. I wrote a program called CMPQwk that was the second e-mail & forum reading program that I know of for Windows. It would call up a BBS on the telephone and download e-mail and forum messages for reading offline — this was before the World Wide Web… BBSes were passing newsgroups around the internet. I’m an obsessive programmer that sometimes stays up into the early morning hours because I just have to get something working and can’t seem to sleep if I don’t.

In my free time, I own one business, KiwiMill that makes custom scale models and am part owner of another business, CLAD Industries that fabricates sheet metal parts for various industries around the Rochester, NY area.

I’ve got a wonderful wife that is very understanding and tolerant of my CLAP addiction. My two boys enjoy helping me, but after an hour or so, get sick of soldering, hot gluing, electrical taping, etc. But I’ve gotten them excited enough so that last year each of them sequenced a song for our Christmas show. Hopefully I can get them obsessed too and keep them off the mean streets of Penfield!

Oh, and here’s my lighting show-off website:

Darren (gizmohd)

Team Responsibilities: Back End Performance, RDS module, Web Server, Effects (Wipe, Alternating), Developer Build Server.

I’ve been around technology for a long time…  I’ve actually had a very interesting career path, I’m a US Navy Veteran, I was a Radio Broadcaster (DJ) in New Mexico for five years.  And I’ve been a full time developer for over ten years.  I wrote my first piece of code on a brand new Apple ][, and the first business computer I used back in the day was the IBM System 32.

I’ve got a wonderful woman that tolerates my obsession passion with writing software and now lights.  I’ve been talking about doing it for years now, but December 2012, after setting up my static display I made the decision that I would go ahead and do something different next year.   I participated in a few group buys on DIYC, have spent more money this year on blinky flashy items than I probably should have. But in the end, I’m doing this for my three kids and our neighborhood that desperately needs some livening up.  I ended up on this project because after exploring all the paid and free sequencing options out there, I saw a diamond in the rough.  Like everyone else on this team,  my desire is to make Vixen 3  the premier sequencing software that offers features previously only found in costly commercial applications.

Tony Eberle(teberle)

Broken Arrow, OK

Occupation: software designer/architect

Display History: Been doing this since 2002

Team Responsibilities: Output Controllers, Vixen 2 Importer, backend server components

Aaron Donalson (air_run)

Team Responsibities: Vixen 3 Logo

Bill Lutton (lutton)

Team Responsibities: Bug Fixing, Performance Optimization, Misc Improvements and Tweaks


Team Responsibities: RDS Implementation, Testing

James Bolding  (Bolwire)

Location: South-Central Oklahoma

Occupation: Mechanical/Electrical Troubleshooter/Reliability Technician for Michelin Tire Company.

Team Responsibilities: Editor(effect Alignment tools, Delayed playback, Looping, Draw Mode, Effect Editor improvements, Color Collections(Favorite, Random/Sequential), Presets Library panel) Profile Zip Wizard

I have been doing some form of code development for over 10 years. Contributing to the development of Vixen is something I do in my spare time, as a user with the ability to write code as well, I mainly focus on small improvements and usable features that would benefit the majority of Vixen users. My contributions range from very minor fixes and improvements, to those which have a larger impact and direct use by the end users.

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