Monthly Archives: June 2013

Vixen 3.0.6 Released

[youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery] Major changes: –          New features: New, easy to use preview. Nutcracker effects are now integrated making Vixen the premier go-to sequencer for all your pixel needs. There are numerous other small new usability improvements that don’t warrant a mention as a new feature. –          Performance: Many areas of Vixen have been combed through […]

Nutcracker Effects Integration

[youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery] How do you get Nutcracker Effects into Vixen 3? Well, I was confused too. No one could tell me how to create cool Nutcracker effects and import them into Vixen… Sean Meighan, who wrote all the Nutcracker effects (we’ll call him Mr. Nutcracker) suggested downloading the C++ code written by Matt Brown, the […]