Vixen 3.0.6 Released



Major changes:

–          New features:

    • New, easy to use preview.
    • Nutcracker effects are now integrated making Vixen the premier go-to sequencer for all your pixel needs.
    • There are numerous other small new usability improvements that don’t warrant a mention as a new feature.

–          Performance: Many areas of Vixen have been combed through to try wringing out more performance. Stay tuned, we’re not even close to done here.

–          Stability: Lots of bugs have been squashed leading to a much more stable program.

I’ve put together a quick video for a user on DIYC showing how to add a pixel mega tree to his display… as I write this, I realize it shows off, in a couple minutes, most of the enhancements we’ve added to this release. The idea was to setup a mega tree, add it to the new preview, create a sequence, add a Nutcracker effect to the sequence and see the results. Well, folks, not even trying to rush things, we got this done in a 2 minute video. Take a look.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Sean Meighan for writing Nutcracker and David Pitts for converting the original Nutcracker code to C++. And an even bigger thank you to them for sharing it with whoever wants it (non-profit, commercial or otherwise). We’re looking forward to collaborating with Sean in the future creating new and exciting Nutcracker effects (hopefully our C# code can be converted to C++ as easily as his C++ code is converted to C#).

Plans for the next release:

–          Discrete colors

–          Sequencer speed and usability improvements

–          Scheduler improvements

–          More performance enhancements and tweaks

–          Additions to the documentation

–          More Nutcracker effects (Movies, Picture Tiles and perhaps more)

As always, we have Bleeding Edge releases on this site (look under Vixen 3 Downloads) that include the coming enhancements as they come off the brains of the programming elfs. This is not for the faint of heart. It may cause your monitor to fly out the window in anger when there is inadvertent data loss. Make backups. We cannot get your data back if the bugs eat it.