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Creates an effect used to syncronize lyric phomemes to a prop.


The Lip-sync effect helps to facilitate sequencing singing faces. It is a multi purpose effect that has evolved over the years into a powerful tool for syncronizing lyrics to your face mapped props. This effect relies on the mapping of the face properies in your elements in order to work properly.


  • Phoneme/Marks This setting determine how the LipSync effect behaves.
    • Mark Collections Since Version 3.5. This set the effect to get its phomeme information from the Marks in a Mark Collection. This is the default and the most common way to use the effect.
      • Mark Collection This sets the Mark Collectin that contains the Marks with the Phonemes in it. There are typically 3 types of collections. Phrases, Words, and Phonemes. You select the Phonemes one here.
      • Allow Mark Gaps When enabled, the effect does not fill gaps between the Marks with a REST.
    • Phoneme This allows the effect to be used in manual mode where you configure the phoneme you want to use specifically.
  • Mapping Type This allows you to choose the mapping type. This controls how phonemes are mapped to the individual elements in your Prop.
    • Face Mapping This option is used when you have a Prop that is usually a defiend shape and you have mapped specific elements to the mouth phonemes.
    • Image Mapping This option is used for matrix type props that use an image for a mouth shape rather than mapping individual lights or elements.
  • Eye Mode This sets how the eyes should be handled when the effect is active.
    • Open This sets the eyes to open using the open eyes mapping.
    • Closed This sets the eyes to be closed using the eyes closed mapping.
    • Off This sets the effect to ignore turning on the eyes.
  • Show Outline This sets the effect to turn on the outline using the outline mapping.

Lip-Sync Enhancements

Since Vixen 3.5