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Creates an effect that resembles plasma.


Creates an effect that resembles plasma. The style and motion of the plasma can be configured by the effect settings.

String Setup

  • Positioning - Determines how the target elements are treated. Either as individual strings or by their actual location in the display preview. Locations is often referred to as whole house, but it can be any form of multiple props. Generally you want Strings when applying to one prop and Locations if the target is multiple props.

  • Orientation - Controls the orientation of the display area (matrix).


  • Speed - Controls the speed of the motion.

  • Line Density - Controls the density of the pattern. The higher the setting, the smaller and tighter the plasma patterns appear.

  • Plasma Style - Selects between different variations of the plasma pattern.


  • Color Type - Selects between different methods to apply colors to the effect.
    • Custom - Uses one or more gradients to set the colors.
    • Red & Green
    • Green & Blue
    • Rainbow
    • Black & White


  • Intensity - This is an overall brightness intensity curve over the duration of the effect.  This is a legacy parameter, consider using intensity overlay layers instead.

  • Gradients - Configure one or more colors or gradients to use when the color type is set to Custom.