Development Builds


The Vixen team makes regular development builds available so that users can help out by testing brand new features and bug fixes. If you would like to participate and use the development builds, there’s a few things you should know.

Before using the development builds, please take the time to create an account on our Bug Tracker. If you run into any issues while using a development or release build, please create a ticket describing the problem. You may want to scan thru the recent tickets to make sure it’s not already reported. If it is, please comment on the existing ticket with any additional information you may have relating to the issue.

Development builds may not be stable especially early in the year. They are built by an automatic system and are not tested at all before being made available online. These builds are for testing the software prior to formal release. AS we get near the typical show season in the last quarter of the year we become more cautious about the changes we introduce.

It is very important to make a backup copy of your entire data folder before installing a development build. If you are unsure how to do this, see the section on the Zip Wizard.

There is the potential of corrupting all of your data, or getting stuck in a loop that you cannot recover from and a backup will ensure you can restore to a working setup.

While our developers test their own work, there are several independent programmers working on the application. When their work comes together, there are times when one person’s changes conflict with another. These development builds are where the problems are discovered.


See the section on Installing for details on system requirements and how to install the software.

Latest Development Build

Version: DevBuild-1237
July 8, 2024

Previous development builds can be found on Github.