Installation instructions.


All Windows 7/8 support ceased in 2020. Windows 8.1 will have limited support.

Windows 10 or 11 is the recommended OS for the best results.

Mobile type processors often found in laptops have often been found to perform poorly with Vixen 3 when they are in power saving mode. You should make sure you have the power saving in performance mode or disabled for optimal results.

Setting your computer’s power and performance settings to Maximum Performance is highly recommended.  If using a laptop, plugging it into a power source can improve performance as well.  (as opposed to running on batteries.) Additionally, if you intend to use the built in scheduler in V3, you may need to have a lot of RAM installed.  The exact amount varies based on the total number of effects and their complexity for the entire scheduled show.  16 GB or more may be necessary for mid sized shows.  The internal scheduler is not suitable for high channel count shows

Which Version Do I Install?

Vixen is available as either a 32 bit or a 64 bit application.

  • If you’re running a 64 bit version of windows 8.1 or greater you should download and install the x64 package.
  • If you’re running a 32 bit version of windows, download and install the x32 package. The 32 bit version will likely be phased out in 2023.

The benefit of the 64 bit version is that it is able to make use of more system memory.  32 bit applications are limited to less than 3GB of memory.  If you are using a PC with more than 3GB of RAM, the 64 bit version will allow you use more of your available system memory to make the lights go blinky flashy.  This results in a faster, smother sequencing experience with less lag time. The 32 bit version will in fact work on an x64 version of windows, but if you’ve got 64 bit windows, why not use it.

System Requirements

Display with less than 2000 hardware controller channels

  • Windows 10 or greater.
  • 64 bit version of Vixen 3 or 32 bit if your system does not support 64 bit.
  • Dual Core processor. 2.0Ghz per core.  Intel Core 2 Duo or newer.
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • 1024 x 768 (XGA) or greater video monitor

Display with more than 2000 hardware controller channels

  • Current Windows 10 or greater. 64 bit version.
  • 64 bit version of Vixen 3.
  • Multi Core processor. 2.8Ghz per core Intel Core i5 or greater.
  • 8+ GB RAM.
  • Ample hard drive space. Multiple profiles can take up several hundred megabytes.


  1. Uninstall any previous version you may already have installed. (or install the new version into a new folder.
  2. Download the installation program from the Release Builds page.
  3. Run the file you just downloaded and follow the prompts. You may need to whitelist the installer and application in your virus scanner to ensure a clean installation.
  4. Use the shortcut or menu item created to run the program.

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