Preset Libraries

This section covers the Preset Library features.


Preset libraries offer a helpful way to save off frequently used items like Colors, Color Gradients, and Curves in order to use them over quickly. These items are frequently used in Effects and other areas.

Docker Windows

The editor has docking windows to manage presets for Curves, Colors and Color Gradients. These can be enabled or disabled from the View* menu in the toolbar. The docker windows can be docked into any of the normal places. Here you can create collections of your most used values. They can be dragged from these docker windows directly onto effects, or to the appropriate place in the Effect Editor.

The docker windows have a menu bar that is similar amongst all three.

  • Edit The wrench icon can be used to edit a selected item in the library, or you can double click it. The appropriate edit dialog will appear for the item you are editing.
  • New The wew icon will launch a dialog asking for a name. It will then launch the appropriate editor with the new item to create.
  • Delete The red X icon will delete the selected item.
  • Export The folder with the green arrow icon will export the library to a file.
  • Import The open folder icon will import a library from a saved file.


The same libraries can be enabled as a toolbar in addition or in place of the docker windows. All the same features are available from the toolbar as in the docker.

Video Tutorial