Resize / Draw Indicator

This section covers the Resize and Draw Indicator features.


Moving and aligning effects to a part of a waveform, marks, or other effects is key to creating a sequence. This can be tedius if you are struggling visualize the alignment. In order to better visualize where the effect starts or ends, an indicator is optionaly available to make that easier.

Resize Indicator

The Resize / Draw Indicator option allows you to toggle on or off lines which appear from the top to bottom of the grid at the start or end of a selected effect as an indicator to assist in the movement or resizing of effects.

To enable or disable the indicator lines, enable the option under Edit -> Resize / Draw Indicator in the toolbar menu. You can set the color of the lines in the sub menu of that item. The color options are Blue, Yellow, Green, White, and Red.

When enabled, the indicator line will appear on the resizing end of an effect when you resize that effect. If you are moving an effect, the indicator lines will appear at both ends of the effect.

The indicator lines also appear for the Draw Box when using the Draw Mode feature.