Custom Prop Editor

This section covers the Custom Prop Editor.


The custom prop editor is a replacement for the deprecated prop template mechanism to model props that don’t fit the Smart Objects. You will be able to design almost any prop you want to model, share models with others, and even import existing models from some other sequencers.


The Custom Prop editor can be launched from a multiple places. The main Admin screen under Tools -> Custom Prop Editor, and in the Preview under View -> Prop Editor. All of the same features are available no matter which place it is launched from.


The editor is laid out in 4 basic areas.

  • Toolbar The toolbar contains the menus and icon short cuts for the editing features used to build the Prop.
  • Element Tree The Element Tree is very similar to the structure used in the Display Setup or the Preview Setup. It is used to construct the Elements and Groups for the Prop.
  • Drawing Canvas This is the area used to draw out the layout of the lights for the Prop.
  • Prop Info / Element Info This area contains the metadata about the Prop. This like physical atrributes, vendor info, and Face Component.

Vendor Browser

Under Tools -> Vendor Browser is a utility to search for exsting models that vendors, or other users have already built. Use the Vendor drop down box to choose the Vendor of your Prop. Once you select the Vendor, a tree view listing of the categories they have created for organizing their Props is presented. This is designed by the Vendor and we do not control how things are organized. As you expand the tree and find a Prop you are interested in, clicking on the Prop will bring up a section on the right to view the details. This will list any physical information, and image that the Vendor has provided. A Model Info tab containing the model download options will also appear. Choosing Select from the model option, will download and open the model in the Prop Editor for you to use. From here you can save it as a Vixen Prop for using in Vixen. You can also edit the Element Tree or any other attributes of the Prop to taylor it to your needs.


General Overview

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