Layer Types

This section covers the Layer Types.


Layers are a method of controlling how seperate Effects on the same element interact with each other. It can be very powerful to create variations on the existing effects. There are several types of Layer Mixers that can be used.

Intensity Overlay

The Intensity Overlay Layer is used to apply the brightness of one effect onto the other Effects in the layer.


The Mask Layer is used to use one Effect to Mask out parts of other effects.

Mask and Fill

Mask and Fill is very similar to the Mask, except instead of leaving unlit areas where the masking effect is, it will replace those areas with the effect in the Mask and Fill layer.

Color Change

Color Change mixer will replace the colors in other Effects with its own Effect colors.

Proportional Mix

Multiply Color

Luma Key

The Luma Key Mixer matches on brightness and then replaces colors with those in the Layer Effect.

Chroma Key

The Chroma Key Mixer matches on a tolerance of a specific color and replaces that color with the color in the Layer Effect. There are several settings in the configuration to control the behavior of this mixer.