Time Based Mode


The time based mode of the morph effect allows the user to draw a shape and then morph that shape during the effect.  The user is required to draw at least two snapshots of the shape.  These two shapes become the start shape and the end shape.  The effect will linearly move the points on the shape between the snap shots.   This mode of the effect can be used to animate a shape across the display element.  This mode can also be used to change the shape’s appearance.  Make the shape bigger, smaller or changes it appearance.  This mode of the effect can also be useful for layering operations.

Mode Restrictions:

  • The same shape type (polygon, ellipse, line) must be used for the entire effect.
  • When morphing polygons the number of points that make up the polygon must be the same across all snap shots.

Polygon Configuration

  • Polygon Color – Determines the color of the shape (polygon/ellipse/line) for the duration of the effect.

  • Polygon Intensity – Controls the brightness of the shape for the duration of the effect.

  • Fill Polygon – Determines if the Fill Type of the polygon (Solid or Outline).

Last modified January 29, 2023: Morph Effect Help (b9b8a1b)