Playing Sequences

This section covers playing sequences.


Playing seqeunces is one of the most common activities that will be used. The Sequencer provides many features in order to provide a rich experience.

Play Pause Stop

The toolbar has icons for Play, Pause and Stop. These can be used to control the playback of the sequence in the editor. These options work like most any other editor you may experience them in. The Play button toggles between Play and Pause. The Stop button is always available. In addition to the toolbar buttons, the Spacebar will toggle between Play and Pause and is the shortcut to those buttons.

Playback Start Point

In addition to these basic functions, you can have custom playback points or ranges. Clicking once in the Timeline ruler area will display a single arrow head and give you a play from point.

Clicking a new start point or selecting a new range will cancel the old one. Any playback will now start from this newly selected point or range.

Ctrl and click once in the Timeline ruler will auto play from that point. Original range or single play point will be restored after play finishes.

Playback Ranges

In addition to playing from a selected point, playing a specified range is possible. This allows you to work on a specific section of the sequence without having to think about stopping the playback at the same place.

Clicking and dragging in the Timeline will create a range to play. Playing will then only play this range of the sequence.

Click on |< icon left of play button returns play start marker to beginning. If range is selected range will extend to beginning.

Click on >| icon right of stop button pushes play range to end.

Holding Control while selecting the play range will auto play on mouse release. Original range or single play point will be restored after play finishes when the range is selected using the control key.

Marks in the Mark Bar also support a double click to play the range of the Mark Bar. This can be very useful in sequencing Lip Sync tracks.


Looping is also possible. By selecting the green loop button on the play bar the sequencer will play in a loop the entire sequence or the selected play range. This also works if you use double click on Mark to choose the range to play when loop is selected.

Delayed Start

Delayed start is possible under Sequence -> Playback -> Play Options.