Creates an effect that allows you to embed a video file to be played on your grid.


Creates an effect that allows you to embed a video file to be played on your grid.

String Setup

  • Positioning - Determines how the target elements are treated. Either as individual strings or by their actual location in the display preview. Locations is often referred to as whole house, but it can be any form of multiple props. Generally you want Strings when applying to one prop and locations if the target is multiple props.

  • Orientation - Controls the orientation of the display area (matrix).


  • Movement Type - Choose between several options to move the video around the grid while it is playing.

  • Iterations - Controls the number of times the pattern repeats over the timespan.

  • Playback Speed - Allows you to speed up or slow down the playback of the video file.

  • X Offset - Moves the video horizontally.

  • Y Offset - Moves the video vertically.

Video Configuration

  • File Name - Select the file to use.

  • Color Type - Selects between Color or Grayscale.

  • Stretch to Grid - Adjuts the image dimensions to fit the grid size.

  • Scale to Grid - When enabled, resizes the video to fit the grid.

  • Intensity - The overall brightness envelope over the duration of the effect.

Advanced Configuration

  • Start Time - The number of seconds into the video file to start from. This helps to save time editing and trimming video files specifically for use with this effect.

  • Maintain aspect - Keeps the aspect ratio of the video when scaling it to fit. This will keep the proper shape of the video, but may result in blank bars.

  • Rotate Video - The angle of rotation to apply to the video.

  • Increase Brightness - Helps to brighten up dark video files.

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