Creates an effect that imports a picture file to be displayed on a grid type prop.


Creates an effect that imports a picture file to be displayed on a grid type prop. May also be used to apply a texture to an element of any configuration.

A great place to download seamless tiles is: http://www.patterncooler.com/. They have a great system setup that allows you to customize the background to get almost anything you could want.

String Setup

  • Positioning - Determines how the target elements are treated. Either as individual strings or by their actual location in the display preview. Locations is often referred to as whole house, but it can be any form of multiple props. Generally you want Strings when applying to one prop and Locations if the target is multiple props.

  • Orientation - Controls the orientation of the display area (matrix).


  • Type - Controls tye type of movement (None, Tiles, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up & Left, Down & Left, Up & Right, Down & Right, Peekaboo 0, Peekaboo 90, Peekaboo 180, Peekaboo 270, _Wiggle).

  • Center Stop - When selected, causes the image to stop at the center of the grid and then disappear.  This setting is only applicable to Movement types Up, Down, Left and Right.

  • Iterations - The number of times the pattern repeats over the duration of the effect.

  • X Offset - Shifts the image horizontally.  This setting and the Y Offset can be used to animate the image with a  user defined motion path.

  • Y Offset - Shifts the image vertically.  This setting and the X Offset can be used to animate the image with a user defined motion path.


  • Picture Source - Selects between an embedded built-in image or selecting a file.

  • Embedded Pictures - Select from a collection of included pattern images.
    *note, you may choose a eithe rcustom file, or embedded image, but not both.

  • Stretch to Grid - Adjusts image diminesions to fit the grid size.

  • Scale to Grid - Enable to scale the image to fit your grid.

Effect Color

  • Color Effect - Selects the type of color/gradient applied to the picture (None, Custom Color, Gray Scale).

  • Color Gradient - Selects the color of the effect. Applicable when the Color Effect selection is Custom Color.


  • Intensity - This is an overall brightness intensity curve over the duration of the effect.  This is a legacy parameter, consider using intensity overlay layers instead.

  • Increase Brightness - Increases the brightness of the image.


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