Drag and Drop

This section covers drag and drop actions.


Drag and drop is a integral part of any modern application. The sequencer supports many drag and drop operations to make it easier for the user to sequence.

Colors, Gradients, Curves

Color, Color Gradients, and Curves can be dragged from the library dockers directly onto effects, or onto the appropriate Color/Color Gadient/Curve box in the effect editor. They can also be dragged from the Effect Editor out onto other effects. If you have your libraries in a toolbar view, they can be dragged from there as well. If you are dropping them on the Timeline, they can be dropped on to a group of selected effects. For example, if you have 5 Pulse effects selected, and drop a Color Gradient on one of them, it will be applied to all of the selected ones. If an effect has more than one possible target for the Color, Color Gradient, or Curve you are dropping, you will be given a pop up option to select which attribute to replace. Just click the correct one and it will be applied.


You can Drag files from Windows Explorer and drop them onto a row / location on the timeline. Multiple files and file types can be dragged at the same time. The Sequencer will determine the type of the files and attempt to create the proper effect that can utilize the file in the location the files were dropped. The most common types are video and image files, but a complete list is as follows.

Supported Effects are:

  • Picture All standard image types.
  • Video All standard video types.
  • Glediator .gled file types.
  • Shapes .svg file types (Scalable Vector Graphics files).