Information about configuring intelligent fixture automation options.



This wizard page configures Vixen Intelligent Fixture automation. The goal of the automation is to make it as easy as possible to sequence the intelligent fixture. Vixen will examine the fixture’s channels and functions and default these options accordingly.

  • Automatically Open and Close Shutter - This option will automatically control the shutter channel based on the color channels. Whenever an effect is generating color, the shutter will open. Whenever there is no effect, or the effect is dark, the shutter will be closed.

  • Automatically Control Color Wheel -This option will automatically control the color wheel by matching colors generated in the effects to colors supported on the color wheel.

  • Automatically Control Dimmer - This option is usually selected for fixtures with a color wheel and fixed white light source. It will automatically control the fixture’s dimmer channel based on the intensity of the colors in the effects.

  • Automatically Open and Close Prism - This option is usually selected for fixtures that have both a channel for enabling the prism and another channel for selecting the position or movement of the prism.

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