Edit Channels

Information about editing channels associated with the intelligent fixture.



The Edit Channels wizard page defines the channels on the fixture. The channels in this grid are order dependent.
When complete the channels in this grid should match your fixture’s user manual. The number of channels in this grid should match your fixture’s user manual. Often intelligent fixtures define channels for the convenience of controlling the fixture from a lighting controller with sliders. If there are channels that are not needed when controlling the fixture from Vixen they can be skipped by placing an Ignore row and a function of None. A channel with a function of None will be ignored by Vixen. Including these ignore rows are important to keep patching to a controller easy and straightforward.

What Do I Do On This Wizard Page?

This wizard page defines the channels that make up the fixture. This table should match your user manual precisely. Channels should not skipped or omitted. Order is important and should match your fixture’s manual.

  1. Select the Plus Plus button to add a new channel.
  2. Give the channel a unique name.
  3. Select the fixture Function for the channel.

You can use the Wizard Back button to add or edit the functions.

Select the Next button to continue to configure your intelligent fixture.

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