Color Gradients


Color gradients are a way of representing color over time in Vixen. Instead of having a single color, you can create colors with transitions in them that shift from one color to another. Multiple colors can be included in a gradient and you can shape via the editor the points which the colors transition from one to another. Many of the effects are then able to take advantage of this and provide features that change the color over time.

Color Points

Each Color Gradient will have one or more color points. Each color point defines what the color is at a point within the gradient. Color Gradients with more than one color point will have a transistion zone between the color points where the gradient moves from one color to the other. In between the colors there is a weighting point. When the weight point is in the middle of the two colors they will transition evenly. But if it is moved toward one color or the other, the weight of the transition will shift to favor the color the point is closest to.


The Color Gradient editor allows you to edit the color and color points in a gradient. Within the editor you can add color points and set where they lie. You can adjust the weight between them with the location dot. A simple interface into the library is available to save and load gradients. Library gradients can be edited by loading them from the library.


Color Gradients may be named and saved to a library so they can be reused without havign to recreate them each time.