Donating to the Vixen project.

People often ask us if they can contribute to the cause of the Vixen project.  For years we’ve shied away from accepting donations because we aren’t organized well enough to receive and distribute any funds we might receive.  Well we’ve discussed it, and decided that now that our dev team is smaller and our needs are few, it could be manageable.

Any donations will be added to a fund that will be used as directly as possible toward the project.  We may purchase lighting equipment to test new features, though most vendors are very gracious already and donate samples for this purpose.  We may use it to support training and marketing expenses such as presenting and exhibiting at regional expos.  We may use it for web hosting or other internet presence related expenses.  We may use it for computing hardware or software to help us test and debug better.  If the unlikely event happens that we end up with more in this fund than we can reasonably use on these types of expenses, we will distribute it between the active developers.

We do this for the love of the hobby, and because we’re constantly trying to make a product that does what we need it to do, in the most effective way possible.  And by sharing it with the community at large, we benefit by getting feature ideas to make it even better.

If you wish to donate to the Vixen project, you may send funds in any amount via paypal to

Vixen is not a non-profit charity, nor is it a corporation or legal entity of any type.  We are a informally organized group of people with no formal or legal association.

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