Creating a Profile

An Introduction to Profiles.


In Vixen we try to think of things in terms of a show or display. This tends to organize around something like a Christmas display or a Hallowen display, but can really be any logical project you want to define. The artifacts are stored in what we call a Profile. In the simplest terms, when you first launch Vixen, it will create a default profile for you. The files for the layout of your display, the sequences, the audio and media you use are all stored in this profile. By default the folder for the profile is under the users My Documents folder called Vixen 3. C:\Users{user}\Documents\Vixen 3.


Beyond the basic getting started, you may create displays for mutiple events or even multiple different sites. In many cases you will want to keep these in seperate Profiles aligned to those specific events or sites. For example your Halloween display is in a seperate profile as your Christmas display since they have different display elements. Vixen has support for this and you can read more about that in the section on Profiles.

Profile Structure

A Profile has specific file structure that artifacts are kept in. For the most part you generally do not need to worry about the specific structure. Vixen will store things were they belong when you create content. If you ahve multiple profiles, then each profile will have it’s own folder and the structure will be similar. See the section on Profiles for more details of the file structure.

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