Basic Drawing

This section covers the Basic Shapes used for Props.


The notion of how Props are represented in the Preview is denoted by Shapes. All Props have a Shape and there are 3 distinct types. The first are the Basic Drawing types. These are simple in nature, but can represent a wide variety of items effectively. These are selected from the Basic Drawing area in the toolbar.


Use the button that looks like a pencil. A point is a single light point on the screen. By setting the Light Size property, you can use this light to define spots, floods or other larger light areas on your scene.

Light String

A light string is a single, straight line of lights. This can be Standard or Pixel strings.

Light strings are defined by two points, Point1 and Point2 which are located on either end of the string.


A rectangle is basically four strings of lights that are attached at each corner. Once the rectangle is placed, each corner can be individually moved so that it no longer keeps its rectangular shape.

To maintain a rectangular shape when adjusting it’s size, hold down the Ctrl key while moving the bottom, right corner.


An ellipse is a single string of lights. It can be defined as a standard string of lights or a pixel string.

Ellipses are defined by two points, the top left point and the bottom right point. To adjust the size of the shape, click on one of the corners and drag it to a new size.

The first pixel of an ellipse is the right-most point. Pixels are in order clockwise from this point.


A triangle is composed of three strings of lights.

Hold Ctrl while resizing the shape to maintain the triangle as an isosceles triangle.

Multi String

The Multi String is used to draw more complex light strings that are not just in a single straight line. They contan multiple points and line segments that join those points together. They can be Standard or Pixel strings. This can be used for rooflines and other shapes that change directions. You click to start the string and then hover the string out to the location it should change directions. Click again and the segment will hold and you can hover to the next location to click and set that segment. Once you are done, usethe ESC key to end the drawing.

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