Draw Mode

This section covers the Draw Mode feature.


Draw modes in Vixen stem from concepts in the CAD world. Learning these techniques can significantly improve your ability to sequence in a rapid fashion.

Traditionally, effects are added to the sequence by dragging them to the sequence, or adding them from the context menu. In either case, the effect created is 2 seconds in duration, and added one at a time.

The new conceptual Draw Mode changes that. Effects can be drawn to the desired length, which cuts down on or eliminates the need to resize or adjust the effect after it has been created.Multiple effects of the same type can also be created in one step, across elements(channels).

Selection Mode

With the addition of Draw Mode, the primary mouse function of clicking, dragging, and selecting effects has now become known as “Selection Mode.” Two icons on the tool bar indicate which mode is active for use by the left mouse button. When using Draw Mode, the cursor in the sequence will change from the default arrow to a cross as a visual indicator that you are in Draw Mode, this only happens when you are ready to being drawing. (Draw Mode is enabled and an effect has been selected)

The function of the left mouse button is indicated by a blue box around the associated icon. The pencil icon indicates Draw Mode, and the arrow indicates Selection Mode.

Selection mode functions in the exact same way you have been used to sequencing in Vixen 3. With that said, we will focus on Draw Mode for the remainder of this document.

Special Notes
The middle mouse button can be used as an override of Selection Mode.
The Alt key can be used to override Draw Mode while held down.

Draw Mode

Effect Selection

The effect you wish to draw with can be selected at any time, by a single click in the effects pane. Click the effect again to stop using it, or select a new effect to use. While in Draw Mode, if no effect is selected, the left mouse button reverts to Selection Mode, to begin drawing again, simply select an effect, there is no need to change back to Draw Mode, unless you used the Escape key, or clicked the Arrow icon to exit Draw Mode. When an effect is selected, it will have a blue background. For quickly changing the selected effect, you can use the UP/DOWN arrow keys.

Special Notes
While in Draw Mode, you can still drag & drop other effects into the sequence, and continue on drawing with your selected effect.

After Draw Mode is enabled, and and effect has been selected, move to the point you wish to draw the effect at, click and hold the left mouse button and draw the effect to the desired length. You can start drawing from the start or end of the desired effect. A draw box will appear to indicate where the effect(s) will be placed.

The draw box is not a visual representation of the effect being drawn, and is only intended as a visual guide for effect placement. To draw move than one effect at once, draw the box across other elements you wish to place effects on. When the draw box represents the desired location of the effects, release the left mouse button, and the effects are created. The created effects are also immediately selected as a group for quick manipulation.

While in Draw Mode, you can still adjust the length of effects by grabbing the border of the effect at the start or end. However, you cannot click and drag the effect to move it. This is because Vixen allows you to stack effects on top of each other. You can click and drag the effect to move it by using the Alt key to override Draw Mode.

Key Points

Up/Down arrow keys change selected drawing effect.
Escape key explicitly exits Draw Mode, and changes to Selection Mode.
You do NOT have to be in Draw Mode to create your sequence, you may still use Vixen 3 just as you have in the past.
Middle mouse button overrides selection mode, when an effect is selected to draw with.
Pressing and holding the Alt key over rides Draw Mode.

Last modified February 10, 2023: Move the Effect Editor under the Sequencer (9522781)